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DOWNLOAD (v1.1.0)

Axure Library with all components that are implemented in the Bulma CSS Framework.


How to install


Libraries are loaded and viewed in the Libraries panel—the left-middle panel in the Axure RP user interface.


To load an .rplib file—whether you’ve downloaded it or created it yourself—into the Libraries pane for use, click the menu icon in that pane’s local toolbar. From the resulting menu, click “Load Library…” to open your file browser. Browse to an .rplb file and select it to load it into the Libraries pane. After you load a library, you can switch to it using the dropdown at the top of the pane.

Every time you open Axure RP, the tool will attempt to load all of the local libraries you’ve loaded in the past. RP will also attempt to load any libraries it finds at the following file locations:

Windows: <C:\Users\%username%\My Documents\Axure\Libraries> MAC: <~/Documents/Axure/Libraries>

Avaliable elements


Laravel 5.5.x Front-end Preset For Bulma

Preset for Bulma scaffolding on new Laravel 5.5.x project.

Current version: Bulma 0.6.1 + Bulma Extensions 0.2.3


  1. Fresh install Laravel 5.5.x and cd to your app.
  2. Install this preset via composer require laravel-frontend-presets/bulma. Laravel 5.5.x will automatically discover this package. No need to register the service provider.
  3. Use php artisan preset bulma for basic Bulma preset. OR Use php artisan preset bulma-auth for basic preset, Auth route entry and Bulma Auth views in one go. (NOTE: If you run this command several times, be sure to clean up the duplicate Auth entries in routes/web.php)
  4. npm install
  5. npm run dev
  6. Configure your favorite database (mysql, sqlite etc.)
  7. php artisan migrate to create basic user tables.
  8. php artisan serve (or equivalent) to run server and test preset.

Bulma Extensions

It is a set of missing functionalities in the form of extensions. More info at


Bulma login screen